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1582 S Parker Road Suite 302, Denver Co. 80231


Tax Filing

We provide fast, economical tax filing. We are trained tax professionals, that can help you get the most from your return. We offer the best personalized service you will find.This makes a difference when we discover what your true life experiences are as they relate to taxes. We can provide you with the maximum return from the IRS. Rest assured that there will be bona fide proof of your deductions, and should you ever undergo an audit, we will be there with you.


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Business Accounting

From front to back we can handle any account. We can provide you with cost savings of our service. We know your time is money, and when your busy tending your books your loosing customers. Let us take that burden from you so you can get back to business. The question is not how much does it cost to have a professional accountant tend your books. The real question is how much money are you loosing by not having a professional accountant tend to your financial future.


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Accounts Receivable Payable and Payroll

Let us take charge of your financial future. Why? Good Question. the Answer: "A mistake can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars!" The IRS and the State Tax board are always watching for mistakes, dishonest business practices, and people not complying with the tax laws. You can get hefty fines if you make a mistake, and honestly, are you really a full time accountant, or a business leader? Let us deal with what we know and do professionally everyday, so you can do same.

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